Good house batteries are the key to any camping experience off the grid. We have manufactured hundreds of vehicles and exposed these units to the very demanding environment of campervan rental. Through the years we have tested and evaluated a wide range of campervan house batteries. In the end we came up with a clear performance winner in the lot as follows,

Manufacturer: REMCO

Details: 120Ah (1.44 Kilowatt hours), VRLA AGM Deepcycle Battery, Recreational/Electric Vehicle, Standby & Renewable Energy

Specifications: Length (mm): 328, Width (mm): 171, Height (mm): 220, Voltage: 12, Holddown: B0, Ahrs 05: 105, Ahrs 10: 120, Ahrs 20: 128, Terminal Type: T11, Weight (Kg): 32

Price per battery $450.00 including GST

Recommended Campervan House Batteries
Recommended Campervan House Batteries

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