Mission Statement

'At Wendekreisen, we are committed to providing quality campervan rental and sales services with exceptional value for money. Our dedicated staff have our customers' holiday at heart. By investigating and monitoring a range of challenges, we aim to create innovative, responsible and sustainable solutions relating to people, organisations and the environment. Our goal is to achieve a fair profit by developing a balance between personal and professional interests of our staff, customers and suppliers.'



Wendekreisen Travel Ltd is an award winning, family owned and operated New Zealand Campervan manufacturing, rental and sales company. Founded in 1990, our business initially sold ticketing services and soon added its Campervan rental operation. By 2000, Wendekreisen had built its first in-house fleet of two-berth campervan vehicles. The units were based on the discontinued Mazda E2000 and offered a good value-for-money option in the New Zealand campervan rental market. The vehicle was extremely successful and became Wendekreisen’s first continuous campervan production line. Today, our production facility produces a range of new models offering the reliability of rental experience and the design of up-market interiors at reasonable cost.

Whilst carefully considering how we conduct business, we strive to provide competitively priced, quality vehicles and experienced manufacturing techniques.

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