Parrott Asteroid Smart System with LDV Reversing Camera

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ASTEROID offers the best navigation solutions, whether in on-board mode with TomTom, iGO or NavFree etc., or in connected mode - for example using the Waze application. In all cases, you will benefit from the best guidance services during your journey and when looking for points of interest. ASTEROID Smart can simultaneously connect to two phones: easily receive and make calls with your personal and professional phone. Use the smart and intuitive voice recognition function to call your contacts. Asteroid Smart is the only system to show pictures from a reversing camera. It can also show videos on external screens, for example on the headrests allowing passengers in the rear seats video! The ASTEROID Smart touch screen integrates Multitouch technology. It allows you to browse browse through applications and images in a natural way using one or two fingers, as you would on a Smartphone. The ASTEROID Smart offers a wide range of methods of connecting to the Internet while on the move. Use your compatible mobile phone, a 3G/4G USB modem or a Wi-Fi access point. This system comes with a standard LDV reversing camera fitted to the rear of the vehicle.


Internet Access
✔ With a compatible mobile phone: Bluetooth, USB & Wi-Fi tethering.
✔ Through a Bluetooth access point.
✔ Using a 3G/4G USB dongle.

✔ Dual Mode (MULTIPOINT)
✔ Advanced voice recognition
✔ Text-to-Speech.
✔ Can pair up to 10 phones per ASTEROID Smart. Number of contacts: up to 5 000 per phone, 50 000 per ASTEROID Smart.

✔ 4x55W MOSFET amplifier.
✔ Full Duplex
✔ External Microphone
✔ Virtual SuperBass effect.
✔ Equaliser: 7 bands, 5 presets, 1 custom preset.
✔ 1 reverse camera input and reverse camera.
✔ 1 RCA input, 1 RCA Output
✔ Compatible with H.264 format.

✔ Vocal activated music Search (Artist, Album)
✔ Music Apps: internet radios, music-on-demand.

✔ Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad , USB thumbdrive, SD card, Bluetooth audio streaming, line-in.


PRICE: NZ$1950.00 incl GST, Installation and Reversing Camera

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